A Historic Moment of Lament and Transformation

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On October 2-4, Christian Churches Together will gather in Montgomery, Alabama for its 2019 Annual Convocation. We invite you to be a part of an historic moment of lament and hope in national and global history — the Quad-Centennial of the forced Transatlantic voyage of enslaved African people to Jamestown, Virginia (USA).  Our Convocation plans include visiting the National Memorial for Peace and Justice (National Lynching Memorial) and worshiping at the historic Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.

Christian Churches Together sees this as a moment to name the evils of racism so that we can correct the narrative moving forward. It is also a moment in which we can share the hope found in the legacy of spiritual resistance of African and African descended peoples together. We are reminded of the evil endured by those enslaved: being violently abducted and transported to the Americas in order to create wealth for white Europeans in a land that had belonged to others for thousands of years.

We believe this convocation will offer a unique sacred space for deeper relationship building between five families of Christendom: Historic Black, Catholic, Orthodox, Historic Protestant, and Evangelical and Pentecostal families. It will provide an opportunity for us to discuss strategies for the Church and society as a whole to move forward from these historical truths.  And, we believe this action is imperative at this moment in time.


Most every Christian leader today recognizes that the current racial tensions in our country are unacceptable. The responsibility of the church and its witness to the gospel are at stake. The leaders of the member communion in Christian Churches Together are committed to confronting racism in the name of Christ. We hope that you accept our invitation attend or to send a senior representative, along with your communion/organization delegation, to this year convocation in Montgomery, to explore ways to work together to eradicate racism in our country.

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If you have questions about the convocation, please, send email to carlos@cctusa.org