A message of consolation to our brothers and sisters in the African Methodist Episcopal Church

It is with great consternation that we join in mourning with our brothers and sisters from the African Methodist Episcopal Church, in particular with the leaders and members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston S.C.
It is too early to know all of the details and motives of the heinous crime that took the life of nine precious souls, but our hearts are broken because of the senseless pain inflicted upon our brothers and sisters.
Once again, our country is challenged to dig deep into its soul. At this point, we don’t know if this crime is racially motivated. But still, violence and hate are obvious motives behind such a crime.
As executive director of Christian Churches Together in the USA and on behalf of our leadership, we express our most sincere condolences to our brothers and sisters of Emanuel A.M.E. Be assured that millions of your brothers and sisters throughout our country cry and mourn with you.

May the consolation of God the Almighty be with the members and leaders of Emanuel A.M.E.Church

Rev. Carlos L. Malavé

Executive Director

Christian Churches Together