October 27, 2018

A Prayer of Lament

Today, once again, the cries of American families are heard; this time in Pittsburgh, a few days ago it was in Louisville. The pain of our Jewish brothers and sisters joins the pain of mothers and fathers in the inner cities of America. Violence and mass killings are taking a toll on the soul of our country. It appears as though we are suffering from some kind of moral paralysis. We witness this senseless violence happening, but we are unable to say enough is enough.

Our God, we raise our voice to you this day:

– For our brothers and sisters of the Tree of Life Synagogue. “Comfort, O comfort My people,” says your God. Isa.40:1
– For the families of our black brother and sister killed this week in Louisville. “As one who his mother comforts, so I will comfort you… Isa. 66.13
– For the hundreds of families that have lost loved ones because of the pervasive violence throughout neighborhoods and cities in our land.
– For our callousness when we hear of someone violently killed, and we move on with our lives.
– For our community and political leaders that they may surrender their power to the will of God.

As we mourn with those who mourn today, when their tears and ours are still fresh on our cheeks, we pray that we find the moral and spiritual strength to confront the violence and other ills that are holding our country captive.

God give us courage, because we lack it today.
We need courage against the threats of violence and against its seductions.
We need courage to bear the pain of your people.
We need courage to fight against terror, trouble, violence, powers, greed, and insolence.
God, we need your help.
Strengthen us and give us the capacity to discern evil, and to confront it.
Console your loved ones who are crying today.
And grant us the courage to call out evil for what it is and confront it without fear.
In your Holy name we pray.

Rev. Carlos L. Malavé
Executive Director