Anti-Malaria Campaign Reflections

Reflections on the Anti-Malaria Campaign were given by Rev. Jeff Farmer, North American Chairman of the PCCNA, and Rev. Steve Haas, Vice President World Vision U.S.

They informed the CCT gathering about the anti-malaria work that is being done by Evangelical Pentecostal churches as well as by historic Protestants and others. This effort is being conducted in alignment with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal #4, to reduce child mortality, which has made the eradication of malaria an important focus. Scores of Christian churches from across the theological and denominational spectrum are engaging in the war against malaria. Partnerships are forming among these communions and faith families with organizations like World Vision and Church World Service.

Jeff recognized Rev. Aaron Campbell, Chair of the Memphis Chapter of the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) who was present at this evening meeting. After Jeff read Psalm 91, the Deadly Predator video was shown because they asked themselves if Psalm 91 was talking about Malaria and in this situation, they believe that it is.

Jeff had been asking the Lord since he was called really happen if on this planet the whole C He Spirit’s work in enlisting the Church of Jesus Christ to end all malaria deaths, and officially encourage CCT participants within our five faith families to prayerfully and intentionally join this battle.

We believe Christians coming together to destroy this ancient foe is a fitting call to action, not only because it will eliminate sickness and death, but because malaria perpetuates the cycle of poverty in our world. Ending malaria in Africa and other regions of the world is a just and righteous cause, because we have ended it in our own nation. May God give us wisdom to fight this battle well, and victory to win this war.”