Bible Gateway Offers the NRSV Bible Translation to Millions

Bible Gateway Offers the NRSV Bible Translation to Millions

New Relationship with the National Council of Churches
to Bring Scripture Translations to a New Audience

Grand Rapids, Mich., November 26, 2012 – As the result of a new relationship between Bible Gateway and the National Council of Churches announced today, visitors to have access to the Revised Standard Version (RSV) and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) translations of the Bible.

With great appeal to Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian traditions, these translations now have the opportunity to expand their reach and influence among Bible Gateway’s visitors. The RSV and NRSV will be added to the website’s more than 160 Bible translations in approximately 70 languages.

Clare Chapman, National Council of Churches deputy general secretary, said, “Today’s readers look for the Scriptures on many different platforms. Adding the NRSV and RSV to the Bible Gateway website will encourage the widest possible use of the translations. We believe it will be a valuable tool that will encourage the use of the NRSV and RSV in public worship and education, as well as in private study and devotion.”

With roughly 13 million visitors each month, adding the RSV and NRSV will allow Bible Gateway to serve its current visitors and appeal to a new group of Bible readers. By participating in the website’s program, the NRSV and RSV translations will quickly become part of the daily visits of those who are attracted to Bible Gateway’s free and easily accessible website.

Rachel Barach, General Manager for Bible Gateway stated, “Bible Gateway visitors have long been asking for access to the NRSV family of Bible translations and we are so happy to fulfill their wishes.” The website will help raise awareness of these translations among the Bible reading public around the world.

“By allowing the texts of these translations to be presented on,” Barach continued, “the NCC is providing a tremendous blessing to the millions of people who frequent the site. All of us at Bible Gateway are absolutely thrilled by this new relationship, and the way it advances the Kingdom and the missions of both organizations.”

Both the NRSV and RSV are now live on