Bishop Rozanski releases pastoral letter with focus on mercy

(Bishop Rozanski is one of 5 presidents & moderator of CCT)

Do you believe in a God who loves you? Do you believe in a God who forgives? Are you able to o er forgiveness to those who have hurt you? Are you able to ask forgiveness from them? Pope Francis has been teaching us, through his example, that God looks beyond our faults and failings and loves us just as we are. Can we trust in that love?

“You are merciful to all, O Lord, and despise nothing that you have made. You overlook people’s sins, to bring them to repentance, and you spare them, for you are the Lord our God” (Wisdom 11:24, 25, 27). With the above Entrance Antiphon, the Church begins the holy season of Lent. This is a unique time in which we are all called, individually and collectively,to both “repent” and to call to mind our human frailty and our need to trust in the Lord’s love and mercy “and believe in the Gospel.” It’s a time to reground ourselves in and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Lent is a time for mercy and evangelization.

In announcing this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis stated, “The Church is commissioned to announce the mercy of God, the beating heart of the Gospel, which in its own way must penetrate the heart and mind of every person. The Spouse of Christ must pattern her behavior after the Son of God who went out to everyone without exception. In the present day, as the Church is charged with the task of the new evangelization,the theme of mercy needs to be proposed again and again with new enthusiasm and renewed pastoral action. It is absolutely essential for the Church and for the credibility of her message that she herself live and testify to mercy. Her language and her gestures must transmit mercy, so as to touch the hearts of all people and inspire them once more to nd the road that leads to the Father” (Misericordiae Vultus, 12). In order to truly “live and testify to mercy,” we as members of the Church must acknowledge both our need for God’s mercy as well as our call to be instruments of that mercy to others — to evangelize.

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