Broader Support Raises UniteBoston to New Heights

(Note: UnitBostom is an innovative effort to bring together people fo faith in Boston.)

Hello friends!

This past month has been a whirlwind of testimonies and miracles! You may remember that our team decided to host our second annual worship night in the Boston Common in mid-July. We didn’t know exactly where all the resources would come from to host this large event, yet in prayer one day last month, I felt like God kept bringing to mind the name of a pastor from Highrock Church. I met him for coffee, and then incredibly, he decided to get his whole church network behind this event through funding support, and even committed to personally invite other local pastors to join in! You can read his endorsement here.

This led to a snowballing effect with other leaders in the city, such as an endorsement through the Catholic Archdiocese and an article in the Boston Pilot. Yes, this is amazing!

And what is really cool is the way that other people are taking the vision for Christian unity and running with it. At the very heart of this event was unity (so much more than just my efforts!) I worked with an amazing team of volunteers, sound technicians, and musicians to plan all of the logistics. The event on Facebook was shared 228 times, and over 49,000 people viewed the event (yes, that’s 49 thousand people! Not a typo!)

The worship night last Thursday was incredible. We had perfect weather, and an estimated 1,000 people were in attendance throughout the evening, including many people passing by who were in the park that evening. Christians of all denominations and ethnic backgrounds were also there – it was truly amazing to see the diversity of God’s people gather together to lift up the name of Jesus. The worship team did an incredible job leading us in a variety of types of music, including gospel, Christian rap, Messianic Jewish, charismatic, and traditional hymns. I helped to coordinate the sponsored tables of thirteen local churches and organizations that surrounded the perimeter of the premises. There was also great fellowship – a family reunion of sorts – and even a woman who painted canvases throughout the evening and a spontaneous dance party!

Kelly (UniteBoston Director)