Catholic Charities Launches New Campaign to Assist U.S. Poor

Seeking to create awareness about poverty in the United States and to stand in solidarity with Pope Francis’ commitment to the poor, Catholic Charities USA has launched a new national campaign. Donna Markham, a Dominican sister, discussed the effort on Sept. 10 in her first address as president and chief executive officer of the organization during its national convention in Omaha. The campaign, called #End45—Raise a Hand to End Poverty in America, reflects the 45 million people in the United States who live in poverty. “That’s scandalous,” said Sister Donna, the organization’s first female president.

The campaign is appearing online nationwide on member websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, with videos of people who have been helped by Catholic Charities. In addition, people are encouraged to show support by taking a picture of their hand with “End45” written on their palm and post it to their social media channels using the hashtag “End45.“

“We are asking our country to work with us to end 45,” said Sister Donna.

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