Ecuadorian pastor, Rev. Felipe Adolf, elected new president of CLAI

CLAI VI GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Lutheran Argentinean – Ecuadorian pastor, Rev. Felipe Adolf, elected new president of CLAI

Following five ballots, Adolf was elected on May 24 as President of the Board of Directors of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI), obtaining 66 votes, 7 more than Bishop Carlos Poma of the Methodist Church of Bolivia.

Havana, Monday, May 27, 2013

From a news store by José Aurelio Paz for ALC. 

“We have to re-woo the churches and let them know that they are the owners of CLAI,” Adolf said to ALC. Following its VI General Assembly, CLAI faces enormous challenges, and “we now have to think about the integrating of a board of directors in which all of us are willing to work, re-building on the bases of what is being done,” he added.

Adolf, 67, was the first secretary general of CLAI and past vice-president of its board of directors. He is the pastor of the Spanish speaking congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ecuador (IELE) in Quito, where CLAI has its headquarters.

So that the churches feel themselves to be the owners and support CLAI, they need to have a passion for it as a project that responds to the needs of the churches with sensitivity and affection, stressed the new president.

Adolf continued by saying that CLAI cannot duplicate experiences that other organizations are already doing very well. The experiences of the churches are what nurture the council. He pointed out that “CLAI is an ecumenical organism and as such we want to strengthen relationships.”