Evangelical Immigration Table Hiring part-time Staff

Evangelical Immigration Table Request for Proposals


To pass just immigration reform, Members of the House of Representatives must continue to feel the support of evangelical Christians. In fact, 81 Republicans in the House who may vote for immigration reform represent districts whose population is at least 20% evangelical Christian.

Over the last year, the Evangelical Immigration Table (the “Table”) has worked to engage pastors and congregants in 16 of the 20 states that are home to these districts.

The Table seeks to hire mobilizers in the following states (supplementing current assets) to activate evangelical pastors and congregants to engage specific Members of Congress through meetings, events and communications on the issue of immigration reform:

·         One mobilizer in central/northern FL

·         One mobilizer in IL (outside of Chicago)

·         One mobilizer in LA

·         One mobilizer in MO

·         Two mobilizers in NC

·         One mobilizer in OK

·         One mobilizer in SC

·         Two mobilizers in TX (regions TBD)


While mobilizers will be hired by partner organizations, contracts will require mobilizers to be accountable to the Table Field Director. This will include frequent reporting and meetings, along with a weekly review of metrics and progress.

The nature of the funding requires month-to-month full time contracts with mobilizers. If the mobilizer is unable to meet goals, the contracts will be terminated.


Please submit a two page proposal by 6:00 PM EST, Wednesday, August 7, outlining your qualifications to complete the scope of work below. The proposal should include the following:

·         Qualifications of the organizer in terms of evangelical background, pertinent experience, employment history and experience with the state and districts. Organizer resume and qualifications should be attached.

·         Process by which the organizer will begin the work and meet metrics, including: What existing relationships will they work off of, and how will they build new ones? How will they get events scheduled and accomplished on a tight timeframe? What ideas do they have for events and activities that are specific to the area?


An ad hoc committee of Table organizations not applying for resources will make final determinations by August 9.



·         Must live in or near the target state/region/district

·         Must have direct experience and relationships in the relevant area(s)

·         Must be available immediately, full time, with no other obligations


Tactics and Metrics


Using the Table’s principles for immigration reform as a basis, the following tactics will be put into motion, with specific metrics below.


TACTIC                                                                                                                  METRICS (Pro-rated to contract start date)

Recruit pastors and congregants to attend recess town halls and meetings (particularly in districts with no formal Town Halls), distributing “Pray For Reform” postcards and bookmarks to attendees and press, and speaking publicly to the need for reform.


As Town Halls are scheduled


Organize Table events at churches that generate local earned media, inviting Members of Congress or their senior staff, calling for immigration reform. 4 per month


Participate in multi-constituency Roundtables for Reform organized by Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform, as well as other partners. As scheduled by partner organizers and organizations
Establish personal contact with local Prayer Partners, inviting them to town halls or specific events.


20 personal contacts per week


Meet with local Christian and secular radio, television and print media to ensure local evangelical leadership calling for reform are part of media stories.


5 high quality media clips per week


Identify local spokespeople to be engaged in local and national communications work


3 new contacts per week


With assistance from national staff, place op-eds in local media on immigration from local pastors and congregants


2 per month




Two page proposals should be submitted to Nora Feely (nfeely@immigrationforum.org) by 6:00 PM, August 7, 2013.