Evangelical Organization to Support Hundreds of Immigrant Children

Evangelical Organization to Support Hundreds of Immigrant Children

President of the NaLEC Gabe Salguero explained that over a period of 18 months, starting in August, churches and camps will likely receive thousands of children — the majority of whom are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador — while they are waiting to be placed with their parents who are already in the United States or family members in the countries they are from.

“We have 15 partners on the ground where we’re housing the kids, we’re receiving them, feeding them, providing them with education,” Salguero told The Christian Post, noting that the sites are located in Texas, Florida, Illinois, New York and California.

NaLEC applied for grant funds earlier in 2014.

This new program falls under NaLEC’s larger Refugio initiative, a short-term and long-term response to the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have dominated headlines in recent weeks. In addition to hosting children and attending to the needs of those already here, Salguero’s organization will also look to legally “address the root causes of this crisis” by partnering with “the Alianza Evangélica Latina and other allies in Latin America to call for governments in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to provide better security against the increased gang-violence while providing better promises of education for these children.”

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