History Phase 2

57 church leaders consider, modify, and adopt CCT Organization Plan
(Pasadena — January 2003)

  • Achieved broader participation from church leaders; continually increasing broad participation remains a priority.

  • Reviewed, modified, rewrote, and approved, by consensus, CCT Organizational Plan.
    — Expanded CCT to include Christian organizations that are national in scope.
    — Affirmed criteria for launching CCT as 25 denominations that agree to join CCT

  • Authorized circulation of CCT Organizational Plan.

  • Identified interim budget.

  • Scheduled another meeting with expanded participation.

  • Issued a public announcement.

  • Appointed an expanded Steering Committee.

Steering Committee initiates provisional CCT organizational infrastructure
(March — December 2003)

  • Actively continued to broaden participation of church leaders.

  • Developed CCT website.

  • Researched incorporating as a 501(c)3 organization.

  • Wrote grant proposals for funding.

  • Monitored denominational approval process for CCT Organizational Plan.

  • Planned January 2004 CCT meeting.

51 leaders evaluated progress of over 25 churches in process of joining CCT and adopting its Organizational Plan
(Houston — January 2004)

  • Achieved broader participation from church/communion leaders; continually increasing broad participation remains a priority.

  • Refined CCT Organizational Plan.

  • Identified critical “next step” organizational development tasks and issues.

  • Formed By-laws Sub-committee.

  • Formed Outreach Sub-Committees.

  • “Practiced” CCT’s purpose through worship, prayer, learning about different prayer traditions, and considering “the changing face of global Christianity.”

  • Deepened working and personal relationships.

  • Scheduled CCT “launch” meeting for 2005.

  • Expanded Steering Committee.

  • Issued public announcement.

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