2013 Annual Meeting Statement on Immigration Reform Click HERE


Ambrose Quote on Immigrants

“But they who would forbid the city to strangers cannot have our approval.  They would expel them at the very time when they ought to help, and separate them from the trade of their common parent.  They would refuse them a share in the produce meant for all, and avert the intercourse that has already begun; and they are unwilling, in a time of necessity to give those with whom they have enjoyed their rights in common, a share in what they themselves have.  Beasts do not drive out beasts, yet man shuts out man.  Wild beasts and animals consider food which the earth supplies to be common to all.  They all give assistance to those like themselves; and man, who ought to think nothing foreign to himself, fights against his own.” (Ambrose, On the Duties of the Clergy, Book 3, chapter 7, paragraph 45)


(This is intended to provide a sample of the different positions CCT participants and other Christian organizations have taken on Immigration Reform. We could not find documents expressing the position of Orthodox or Historic Black churches.)

1. Journey through the Wilderness –Welcoming the Stranger. The 2012 Lenten Bible Study on Immigration a resource from the united Methodist Church. Click HERE

2. Becoming the Church Together Immigration, the Bible, and Our New Neighbors. A biblically based curriculum by the North Carolina Council of Churches. Click HERE

3. Church World Service Statement on Immigration Reform

4. How the Lords Supper Changes the Immigration Conversation Craig Wong,Grace Fellowship Community Church (San Francisco, CA)

5. Immigration Bible Leaders Immigration and the Bible resource from United Methodist Church

6. Jubilee Centre Cambridge A series of Bible studies to help Christians engage with biblical teaching and develop a Christian approach to asylum and immigration from the Jubilee Centre, Cambridge.

7. Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform 

8. National Association Evangelicals on Immigration Reform 2009

9. PCUSA Comprehensive Immigration Reform Tool Kit

10. Position Statement of the Wesleyan Church

11. Welcoming the Stranger – Discovering and Living God’s Heart for the Immigrants (World Relief resource)

12. Vineyard USA Undocumented Workers  (2009)

13. What Does Bible Say-Disciples of Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

14. Worship Service for Immigrants Day. An Ecumenical Worship Service by Rev Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes

15. Migration and Refugee Services (2011)

16. US Conference of Catholic Bishops: USCCB Frequently Asked Quest Immigration Reform



Honoring Human Dignity and the Common Good: A Woodstock Theological Center Forum on Immigration: As our nation seeks to address the complex human and social needs surrounding immigration, people bring different experiences and values to the table. This Forum explores the answers from the perspective of Catholic Social Thought and how it shapes our approach to immigration. The Forum features Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Donald Kerwin, Jill Marie Gershutz, Octavio González and Gasper Lo Biondo, S.J.

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Gospel Without Borders brings more light and less heat to the issue of immigration. It separates myth from fact, examines what the Bible says about treatment of the “stranger,” shows the experiences of documented and undocumented immigrants, and provides handles for Christians to advance the common good.

The documentary highlights stories in five states: Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama and Iowa. Some stories break the heart. Others inspire the spirit. Still others challenge the mind. But all come together and show that the Christian gospel is indeed without borders.

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“Dying to Live” is a profound look at the human face of the immigrant. It explores who these people are, why they leave their homes and what they face in their journey. Drawing on the insights of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, theologians, Church and congressional leaders, activists, musicians and the immigrants themselves, this film exposes the places of conflict, pain and hope along the US-Mexico border. It is a reflection on the human struggle for a more dignified life and the search to find God in the midst of that struggle.

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