Invitation to Support Bresha Meadows, a child of God

Sojourners invite you to advocate for the life of Bresha Meadows

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in supporting Bresha Meadows, a child of God who is a young survivor of domestic violence. In many ways, our society failed to protect Bresha and respond to her cries for help. Together, as an act of prophetic witness, we can use our voices and influence to make sure that, this time, people of faith across the country stand with Bresha.

Bresha Meadows is a child survivor of domestic violence who just turned 15 while incarcerated at the Trumbull County Ohio Juvenile Detention Center. Bresha is charged with aggravated murder for defending herself, and her family from a father who had a long history of abusing them. We demand that the Trumbull County Ohio Prosecutor’s office drop all charges against Bresha Meadows and release her immediately.

In this week leading up to Bresha’s October 6th court date, here are the ways your church and community can get involved:

October 2nd – #Pray4Bresha Sunday: Take a moment to lift up Bresha during your worship service and prayerfully speak out against domestic violence and child abuse. Download Sojourners’ #Pray4Bresha Worship Guide for suggested prayers, readings, and resources.

October 5th – Local Vigil: Encourage your family, friends, and faith community to organize a #Pray4Bresha vigil in your local church or area. Add your event to the Color of Change list of actions and vigils.

October 5th – Twitter Vigil (7pm-8pm EST): Can’t make it to a local vigil? Join in digital solidarity to #Pray4Bresha with this online discussion hosted by Evangelicals for Justice (@Evangelicals4J).

For the latest updates about Bresha’s case and other action opportunities, check out

Thanks again for your partnership and support!