Just Leadership USA’s Traning Program

Staff, clients and members who have had involvement with the criminal or juvenile justice system are encourage to apply for our competitive “Leading with Conviction” Leadership Development Training Program and advertise this opportunity throughout your networks.  December 1st is the application deadline for JLUSA’s twelve month “pilot” cohort of 20 participants, set to launch in January 2015.

JustLeadershipUSA’s rigorous Leading with Conviction Training selects and trains formerly incarcerated people with proven leadership ability. Due to a lack of access to resources, formerly incarcerated people are rarely able to reach their full potential as active leaders. Their commitment plus our training makes them our strongest allies in meeting the challenges of decarceration advocacy.

Our Leading with Conviction Training is cohort based and will train a group of 20-35 applicants committed to working together to complete the 12-month program. The curriculum alternates four weekend group-training sessions with five web-based seminars that extend over a 10-month period. During that same time participants receive individual executive coaching as well as develop and master their own capacity as leadership coaches. We provide further training by focusing their development around the essential capacities of Community Building (membership); Advocacy; and Communication/Messaging. These program elements prepare the participants to lead and sustain initiatives that respect the cultural and political particularities of their community or region and have the best chance of producing the decarceration that is our focused goal.

In order to ensure that leaders are introduced to the skills necessary for decarceration success, JustLeadershipUSA has formed partnerships with Columbia Law School’s Center for Institutional and Social Change, Opportunity Agenda and Legal Action Center so that participants may benefit from their respective expertise in Community Building, Advocacy and Communication/Messaging.

More information can be found on our website at https://justleadershipusa.org/pages/leadership/

And all questions can be directed to: applications@justleadershipUSA.org