Local Law Enforcement Equipment Review – Request for Input

The president recently issued an Executive Order establishing the Local Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group – an interagency federal working group to identify actions that federal agencies can take to improve the federal grants and programs that provide equipment to state and local enforcement agencies. A copy of the Executive Order is attached.

The Working Group (WG) would like to give advocates an opportunity to provide input on the issues outlined in the Executive Order.

Process: Groups interested in providing feedback can do so through the Civil Rights Division. You may submit written comments directly to the Policy Section via email. Please email Policy Analyst Arati Naik Jain at Arati.Naik2@usdoj.gov and cc: the following Nicole Ndumele Nicole.Ndumele@usdoj.gov; Michelle Coles Michelle.Coles@usdoj.gov; and Aaron Schuham Aaron.Schuham@usdoj.gov.

Timing: The interagency effort is moving very quickly, so the deadline to either submit comments is Friday, February 27th.