New Disciples of Christ Ecumenical Publication

The CCU has published prominent ecumenical journals such as Midstream and Call to Unity for more than fifty-five years. As the CCU renews its commitment to publishing an ecumenical and interfaith journal, the Council renamed its journal as Sunesis: Disciples Ecumenical and Interfaith Journal. Dr. M. Eugene Boring said, “I think Σύνεσις would be an excellent choice for the name of the new journal. Among the fairly narrow range of meanings, ‘Insight’ would be appropriate for the journal (Eph. 3:4).”

We pray that Sunesis will provide you with new insights regarding not only ecumenism but also our interfaith neighbors. There is joy when we acquire new insights about others, and many times that joy leads us to pursue friendship. We hope that through these friendships and relationships with other ecumenical partners and interfaith friends, we will achieve a better understanding of others, as the word Sunesis implies. Then we will be able to live peacefully together as God’s children and work together to bring peace to this fragmented world.

You can download the journal Sunesis HERE