News from Pastor in Midst of Syrian Conflict

5 October 2014

Update from Syria

Dear friends — participants in the Global Christian Forum gathering in Manado,

As promised, I write with further news of Pastor Mouner Ajji. A message from Pastor Mouner in Aleppo, dated October 4, included these words addressed to all of you.

Thank you from my heart for your love, for the love of the brothers and sisters in the Global Christian Forum. (…) That night, October 1, was awful. Then the next day a hand-made rocket — a “gas bottle” — fell on the building where a family attending our church lives. The miracle was that the rocket fell in a very big water tank on the roof, so the damage was not big. It seems that Islamic opposition groups are preparing some big attack during their Adha vacation these next days..
Thank you for your prayers.

Another message received yesterday, 4 October, from a trusted Global Christian Forum friend in the region provides additional details on and thoughts about the situation described in Pastor Mouner’s messages.

The current attacks are known to be in retaliation to the coalition attacks on Da’esh (ISIS) and the rest of the terrorists. The Christian-populated areas get a lot of these retalitory attacks and many have been killed daily. On the night of October 1, the mortar attack was on the Al Slaimanieh district in which many Christians reside. Gas bottles filled with explosives were falling like rain and many people were killed.. The army was helping in evacuating the civilians all that night and many lost their lives.

I thank you for all your efforts to inform the public about Syria. I guess we here are very tired from telling our stories but we are grateful that our brother Mouner is still able to tell his!

Thank you for keeping these sisters and brothers and their neighbors in heart, mind, intercession — and action.

Larry Miller, Secretary
Global Christian Forum