Pastor Request for Prayer in Syria

2014 October 3

Email of Concern from Syria

Dear friends — participants of the Global Christian Forum gathering in Manado,
We have just received an urgent email that causes great concern. It comes from Pastor Mouner Al-Ajji, a Baptist pastor in Aleppo, Syria, who was present with us at the 2011 Manado gathering.
Since our time together in Manado, we have been receiving regular prayer request emails from Pastor Ajji. While his messages have usually conveyed a ray of hope even in the most difficult of circumstances, yesterday’s was overshadowed by the closeness of death.

The email reads:

“Waiting death”

Here in my room sitting in darkness because we get electricity only one hour per day or less, around midnight, waiting with others in the building where I live death to visit me, it looks like death is playing with us hide and seek.
Two mortars fell on the building in front of us, another to the right, another one on a building just in the next street, but not on ours!

So the question or the questions are: is the coming building ours? But when it will be? Shall I stay in my bed, so I’ll rest in peace on my bed? Or should I go down to the ground floor? But till when will I stay there? Should I sleep, or it is better to stay wake up to feel the moment when death will come riding on those rockets?

Wow! Here is another one shaking the big building of four floors where I live, pushing the windows violently, and scary screams blow up from here and there. But it is midnight, and no lights to go out and see what is going on! And what if another rocket fell down when I was out to see what happened?
I think it is better to stay in my room waiting death who is flying around like crazy, at least I took a shower few hours ago, you understand what I mean, aren’t you?

Here is another one, I think it is better to keep silent!”
— Aleppo, midnight of 1 October 2014

At this point we do not know of the welfare of Pastor Ajji and his family since he sent the email. If we receive further news, we will pass it on. In the meantime, please find attached to this message a few photos of Pastor Ajji, his family, and his local church.

Thank you for responding to Pastor Ajji’s message as the God of mercy leads you to do. His email address is His personal blog is

Larry Miller, Secretary, Global Christian Forum