PCUSA Call to Action on Immigration Reform

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has joined together with our interfaith partners via the Interfaith Immigration Coalitionto ensure that in the coming weeks Congress is reminded of the biblical mandate to welcome the stranger and to act with justice and mercy toward the stranger in our midst. U.S. Immigration law and policy is broken and in dire need of reform, everyone agrees on that. Disagreements abound on how to deal with the untenable situation. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church has extensive policy on immigration reform that calls for a full pathway to citizenship for those already living and working in the US, elimination of backlogs in immigration, creation of new pathways for those who wish to immigrate to do so with authorization, and to enforce our laws in a humane manner that respects our notions of due process.
Please see the attached letter and the email below from Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons then take action on behalf of those deemed strangers by our political system. 

Dear sisters and brothers

The House of Representatives will soon take up an enforcement only piece of immigration reform legislation. This bill is not in line with the policy of the General Assembly and it will likely increase racial profiling and contribute to the oppression of individuals based on their perceived immigration status.

The attached letter will be sent to members of Congress on September 27, 2013 as part of a partnership with the interfaith community. National denominations and faith communities have volunteered to send a letter to Congress one day over a three week period and, on that same day, encourage their members to call their Representative and urge him/her to oppose HR 2278, also known as the SAFE Act. Despite its name, this legislation is not safe for communities and congregations because it will further drive those without proper immigration status to the margins of our society.

I hope you will join me and call your Representative and ask them to oppose HR 2278Encourage them to work on comprehensive immigration reform that includes a full pathway to citizenship for those already living and working in the U.S., without militarizing our nation’s borders. Uncertainty about immigration status is a pastoral care issue and as people of faith we’re told we know the heart of the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt. Remember your immigration story and join your brothers and sisters in the movement to seek justice for those without a voice in the public square.


Rev. Gradye Parsons

Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)