Resource: Anthology of African Christianity!

Anthology of African Christianity! With the inclusion of 170 manuscripts primarily written primarily by scholars from Africa and Africans in the Diaspora this is a timely and important systematic contribution of the growth and future of Christianity in Africa.  

Eminent African Scholar and Philosopher Dr. John Mbiti states the following about the new Anthology:

“By the beginning of the twenty first century, Christianity in Africa has taken shape and established roots in all areas of African reality. It has come to stay. Therefore we welcome Christianity afresh in Africa, where it has arrived to continue the ancient and vibrant Christianity in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. It is very appropriate that the Anthology of African Christianity presents, in valuable detail, this new reality that describes its African landscape in totality. We are grateful to the many learned contributors to this volume, and the editors who have conceived of the idea and with very hard work have now put it into practical action. We are historical witnesses to the unfolding of this rainbow Christianity of the Twenty First Century.”

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