Rev. Dr. Walker-Smith Accept Call To Bread for the World



The Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith, Executive Director of The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis, has accepted a national call to minister in the nation’s capitol and throughout the nation at Bread for the World located in Washington D.C.  Bread for the World (Bread) is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s political leaders to end hunger in our country and worldwide. Bread has always understood that hunger is interconnected with poverty and other social ills. Food assistance is important, but the durable solution to hunger is hard work, a just society and a strong economy. Bread has a long and successful track record of winning legislative victories that benefit hungry people living in poverty everywhere. Over the last decade, Bread played an essential role in tripling U.S. funding for poverty-focused assistance to developing countries and in doubling nutrition assistance to families living in poverty in this country. Bread has also worked to improve the effectiveness of both sets of programs. Increased development assistance clearly contributed to progress against global poverty, notably in Africa, and the national nutrition programs have been a lifeline for many struggling families in this country, especially during this period of high unemployment. These achievements were recognized with the award of the World Food Prize in 2010 to Bread’s president, David Beckmann.

Bread plays a significant role in U.S. church life, engaging diverse religious bodies on public policy issues that are important to people living in poverty. Bread’s work is grounded in God’s love in Jesus Christ and reflects the biblical concern for justice and God’s commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. Bread has a  grassroots network of 75,000 active members and 5,000 congregations, mid-judicatory and 50 diverse Christian denominations, including Catholic, Historic Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal, African-American and Hispanic-Latino churches and continues to invite new members. This network is located in most congressional districts, including in Indiana, and mobilize hundreds of thousands of thoughtful constituent contacts with Congress each year. This includes roughly one million Christians in the U.S. Bread has begun shifting its approach from advocating on behalf of others to one of standing with those who are hungry and living in poverty and recognizing our personal role in living our faith.  Bread’s staff includes strong teams for policy analysis, media and communications, grassroots organizing, relations with religious partners, administration, and fundraising.

Dr. Walker-Smith has been chosen from a national search process to serve as National (Senior) Associate for African American Church Engagement (Church Relations). In this position of ministry she will contribute to cross-departmental initiatives in church strategy development, educational resource development, and hospitality. In so doing she will bring a focus on maintaining and  deepening and expanding Bread’s current relationships, partnerships and engagement with historic African American denominations, mission societies and church networks as well as strengthens relationships with African American-focused units within the aforementioned churches.  Her work will also include relationships with new churches in the USA made up of Africans in Diaspora that have recently arrived.

Dr. Walker-Smith will be the lead associate for the aforementioned focus for all of the organizational divisions of Bread for the World which includes the Bread for the World Institute (the Institute), which is a 501(c)3, the education and research arm of Bread for the World and The Alliance to End Hunger.  The Institute does analysis on hunger and how to solve it. It provides education on faith, policies, and advocacy methods throughout Bread’s network and beyond.The Alliance to End Hunger is a 501(c)3 affiliate, that reaches out beyond Bread’s church network to engage diverse institutions – Jewish and Muslim groups, charities, corporations, universities and others – in building the political will to overcome hunger and poverty. Bread for the World launched the Alliance to help build a stronger movement to get the United States to provide leadership in ending hunger in our country and around the world. The Alliance now has 100 member organizations.

Dr. Walker-Smith will begin her duties in Washington D.C. in August.   A service of thanksgiving and sending with dinner will be held celebrating the gifts of Dr. Walker-Smith and her family during the August 8th weekend. She invites contributions to The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis as a sign of appreciation for the honor of having served The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis since 1995 (19 years).  A donation of $19 per person for each year is encouraged, especially at the service. Information on this celebration event and RSVP options will be posted at or one can e-mail or call 317 926 537. President Steve Blanchard serves as President and the Rev. Judy Dunston will serve as Interim Executive Director until a permanent successor is found.