She Is Dead, But Can We Be Said To Live?

 She Is Dead, But Can We Be Said To Live?

By Pubali Ray Chaudhuri

29 December, 2012

I am in mourning. No, not for the dead 23 year old victim of one of the most brutal rapes our woman-hating country, India , has yet seen. To her the cease of struggle, the sleep and rest after unbearable suffering. To us the questions, the self-criticism, the challenge to step up. To her the end of agony; to us, thebeginning of agonizing , and, though I say it with no great assurance, the promise of a better tomorrow. We can make it happen. But will we? She, her entrails torn from her, had yet the courage to fight till her last breath; do we, our bodies intact and whole, have the stomach for our own fight? For it is a fight that we are facing; make no mistake about it; it is a fight. A battle, a war. Against, as I have said here before,India’s hatred of women . This battle has to be fought with our own fathers and mothers, our brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends. It has to be fought in hundreds of millions of homes across India . It is a fight that is an ongoing project, a continuing, wearisome struggle. There has not been an ultimate victory in this fight even in the West. It is a fight from which, in India , most of us cringe. We prefer to hide from it, to pretend it is not to be fought. But it does.

It has to be fought with ourselves.

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