Statement on Christian Persecution in Myanmar (Burma)


A Statement on Christian Persecution in “Wa” Special Region (2) in Eastern Shan State Myanmar (Burma)


We, the Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA) is concerned about
the Christian Persecutions in “WA” Special Region(2) in Eastern State,
Myanmar. We are saddened and deeply moved to hear the report of
General Secretary of Lahu Baptist Convention in Kyaingtong to the
General Secretary of Myanmar Baptist Convention on September

The authorities concerned in Shan State (East), “WA” Special Region (2)
of Myanmar, locked and closed (52) Christian Churches, destroyed( 3)
churches, removed all the cherished and adored venerable antiques
memorials of Christians, closed Hutong Lahu Bible School, detained (92)
Pastors and kidnapped (41) Bible Students of both boys and girls and
drafted them to join in the armed forces by force.

We, the Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA) condemned these
incidents as human rights concerned and ask for your prayers and support
for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted in
Myanmar (Burma).


Statement by the Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA)