The Stranger a film humanizing the immigration Issue

The Stranger a film humanizing the immigration Issue

I wanted to let you know about an incredible new 45-minute film that serves to really humanize the immigration issue, drive home the need for reform, and most importantly, challenge Christians to focus first and foremost on living out our faith when we respond to immigration.

The Stranger, produced by the Evangelical Immigration Table, follows immigrant families as they detail their experiences navigating the US immigration system. Interviews with economists, business leaders, and pastors place these experiences in a larger context, helping viewers examine our immigration system through economic and moral lenses.

This film provides an effective and compelling way to share our message with Christians who might not yet understand the problems with our immigration system, and the urgency of fixing them. Will you join us in sharing this message?

The best way to share this film is to register to host a screening. Hosting a screening can be as simple as watching it at home with your family and/or a few friends, or we can help you put on a larger event at your church/community center. Either way, when you tell us of your plans to share the film via screening, we’ll get you a free copy to share.

For more information, including the trailer, and the instructions to get your free copy, please visit