UC Berkeley Jubilee Unity Statement

UC Berkeley Jubilee Unity Statement

The Jewish Student Union, Berkeley College Republicans, Cal Berkeley Democrats, Muslim Students Association and the Episcopal/Lutheran Campus Ministry are proud to release the following statement:

As members of diverse religious and political organizations, we recognize that we will not agree on everything. What we recognize most, however, is our shared humanity.

As such, we are making the conscious choice to seek out those places where we can agree and work together. We are making the choice to live in community together, and not in isolated echo chambers.

We are also making the choice to be constructive. On some of the most important issues facing our country and our world, we agree with each other. Without sacrificing our values or abandoning our beliefs on issues of great disagreement, we affirm our desire to work together on those critical issues that speak to our shared values.

Today, more than one billion people are living in extreme poverty. Those people represent all of us. They are Jews, Christians, Muslims, and people of other faiths. They are liberals and conservatives. Their plight transcends our labels.

We affirm that individuals living in poverty should not be forced to pay off the debts of their former dictators.

We affirm that heavily indebted poor countries should be granted debt relief so as to stimulate economic growth, improve health and education systems, and reduce child mortality.

We affirm that international lending should be done in a responsible manner and should take into account both economic realities and human rights.

We affirm that as college students who are all too aware of the impact of debt, we stand in solidarity with those in the developing world impacted by the debt crisis.

We call on the ASUC to pass a bill calling for greater unity on campus through events such as this one. We call on other college campuses to hold similar events to foster unity and cooperation. We call on politicians in Washington to work together as we are. And as a first step in that process, we call on them to pass the Jubilee ACT when it is introduced this year.

We affirm that we have one future, together.


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