Use Your social Media Voice to Make a Difference Against Poverty

Use your social media voice to make a difference Against Poverty

Post on facebook and tweet in support of poverty-focused international assistance and how others can help spread the word.

Samples for Twitter

Instructions: Use the common hashtag #cutscostlives.
Insert your Members of Congress’ Twitter Usernames into your tweets. To find your Members’ Twitter Usernames, enter your zip code here. Make sure to expand your Members’ profile to find their Twitter handles.
Tweet about this issue every three days to keep the momentum going!

Sample Tweets

Watch this video to learn what you can do to stop #CutsCostLives: @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

#CutsCostLives: Congress, balance the budget, but not on the backs of poor people! @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Congress #CutsCostLives: Reduce our deficit in a morally responsible way. Prioritize poor people @home & abroad @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Poverty-focused int’l aid is less than 1% of the US budget but it’s in jeopardy. Ur voice can save lives. @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Even @less than 1% of the US budget, poverty-focused int’l aid saves lives. Protect this $: @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Less than $1/day. Less than 1%. UR voice is needed 2 help save countless lives around the world: @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Protect human life & dignity! Tell Congress NO 2 careless cuts 2 poverty-focused int’l aid bc #CutsCostLives @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Less than 1% of US budget saves millions of lives worldwide. DON’T let #CutsCostLives! @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Help SAY NO 2 budget cuts that hurt the world’s poor, SAY YES 2 shared sacrifice #CutsCostLives @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Tell Congress #CutsCostLives! Stop cuts 2 poverty-focused int’l aid that fights poverty, disease, hunger @CatholicRelief @USCCB @YourMemberofCongress

Samples for Facebook

Instructions: Click on an image, save the full sized image to your computer then post them on Facebook using the sample posts below.

Sample Facebook Posts

SO MUCH, WITH SO LITTLE: U.S. funding for poverty-focused international assistance makes up less than 1% of federal spending. But its impact is huge. Through partnerships with Catholic Relief Services and other charities, millions of lives have been saved and changed.

Tell Congress to protect poverty-focused international assistance that saves millions of lives, and helps lift people out of crushing poverty. Visit the Catholics Confront Global Poverty Action Center to send an e-mail now or call 1-866-596-7030 for talking points and to be connected to your Members of Congress’ offices.

Check out this video to find out why careless cuts cost lives and what you can do to stop them.

Lives will be lost if Congress cuts funding for poverty-focused international assistance that fights disease and hunger. Please tell your members of Congress to stop these disproportionate and careless budget cuts!

Did you know that less than 1% of our nation’s budget saves millions of lives around the world? Did you know that Congress may cut funding that feeds the hungry, provides vaccinations and basic education for children? Join me and raise your voice to say NO to careless cuts that cost lives. E-mail your Members of Congress or call 1-866-596-7030 fortalking points and to connect to your Members’ offices.