Vineyard Justice Network Leaders Summit

Vineyard Justice Network Leaders Summit
Location: Chicago, IL
Event Dates:

11/12/2013 (All day) – 11/13/2013 (All day)

Does your church already work to fight human trafficking, to end poverty, or engage with creation care? Or your church is engaged with immigration reform, foster/orphan care, school partnerships, housing rights, or food pantries? Join us for the first Vineyard Justice Network Leaders Summit. The first VJN summit will provide helpful anchors for framing conversations that will truly facilitate both information sharing and workshopping what people are already doing in their churches and helping them to both connect the dots of our “interconnectivity continuum” of how one’s anti-trafficking efforts could be more strategic in linking one’s anti-poverty efforts, how a church’s environmental efforts could be strengthened by deeper analysis of the root causes of poverty.

Part of the leading edge of VJN points to the question: what does it look like and mean for the poor to lead the way in ending poverty? This can be reframed to: what does it look like and mean for the exploited to lead the way in ending exploitation, the trafficked to lead the way in ending trafficking, the homeless to lead the way to ending homelessness, the undocumented immigrant to lead the way in immigration reform?

Vineyard Justice Network (VJN) does not exist to promote a singular ministry, nor are we trying to start a non-profit for Vineyard USA. Instead, we’re focusing on bringing together our Vineyard church pastors and leaders who are already tackling one of the three targeted areas of structural, systemic injustice: human trafficking, poverty, and the environment. If you are a pastor or ministry leader who is already leading a justice ministry, and you are interested in participating, please use the code “justice2013” to register. For more information, email contact[at]