Where is the church?

Posted on by Steve Haas in Disaster Relief

Our Chief Catalyst Steve Haas just returned from visiting Syrian refugees and Christian leaders in Lebanon.

“In light of the greatest migration of refugee people in our lifetime, the Church is standing in a critical gap, showing the love and compassion of Christ to their neighbor.”

But do we care enough? Are we doing enough?

“God heard our prayers,” the Lebanese pastor shared, dressed in a grey suit and tie in stark contrast to our more casual attire—having just walked through a muddy informal tent settlement (ITS) of over 600 Syrian refugees. “We have long asked the Lord to give us Syrians so that we could show them His love, and we are drowning in them today.” To illustrate, he moved his open palm to mark a spot just below his nose to show a make-believe waterline.

In the last five years, the Beqaa Valley region of Lebanon—the Middle East’s bread basket and place of ministry for this particular church leader—has become home to over 300,000 bedraggled Syrians in the last five years. The valley itself serves as a verdant border between the eastern mountains of Syria and the green hills of Lebanon to the west.

The sad displacements are victims of a vicious conflict that has enveloped their homes and cities across the border. Each victim of the fighting has seen some level of atrocity, has a direct link to an untimely death of a loved one or friend. In the majority of people that we interviewed, those surviving the journey from the conflict did so with little to no personal accessories; some arrived with just the clothes they were wearing.

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